Should Rap Music Be Censored? Some Say Rap’s Explicit Language OK’s Use By Youth

parental_advisory_explicit_content_lge_logoEntertainment: Should Rap music be censored>?  By psychology and sociologists, the question has been examined, however, many experts still say, ‘let the youth have their rap…the way they want it’.   Millions of non- rap centric Americans beg to differ.

By Anne Michelle Erbynstein

While the age of rap music has taken on waves of momentum in the music art3783wideaindustry, it is a major area of concern for parents and people who, while not age worthy, have little tolerance for rap music.  Outside the music industry, the worries reach the height of major social an psychological studies, most of which have indicated that rap music, despite the  tied to apron use of explicit language, will do even a little  damage to the minds of youth who listen to the surly tunes on a daily basis.

What has many Americans in a tizzy is, in addition to the impression they believe is made upon today’s youth–who listen and purchase rap music at a rate of 38% more than other popular music–it is the manner in which the awkwardly loud music is played in public, in cars that roll down the street as though they, themselves, are the beat blowing woofer and tweeter that represents the presence of an unavoidable foe to many non-rap appreciaters.rap-music In that, you see, is a little more than a tweet sound in the ear!

Today, some civic and social groups which claim that they are not launching a petition against rap music as an art nor the rappers, are, however,  planning to take their grievances to Congress to petition for language censorship and additional sound volume regulations.


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